The Fear of Silence

Hal Kapernaum brings his son to the company town of Seco, Arizona, where he hopes a new plant manager job will provide a fresh start, but the small Arizona town shares Hal’s same fear: SILENCE. The town is convinced the SILENCE is killing people. Nine have died in the last few weeks. Speakers of all models, shapes and sizes dot the roofs of the downtown buildings like nervous gargoyles. Because this fear is affecting production at the plant, Hal’s boss wants him to investigate and stop it, but soon Hal must face his biggest fear.

For fans of Nathan Smith Jones, this exciting thriller has been called a “screwtape mixture” of C.S. Lewis and Stephen King. Others on Amazon reviews say:

“What set this book apart is its unique blend of influences. It’s a spine-tingling thriller, clearly influenced by the likes of “The Screwtape Letters” and the works of Stephen King. The author’s skillful fusion of these influences results in a story that’s both thought-provoking and chilling.” –Katherine Posas

“…[an] absorbing tale. The tempo escalates midway, revealing the genius behind the madness.” –Brian F.

“[A] spine-tingling…and engrossing thriller…adeptly crafted in the hands of this author. I highly recommend it!” –Mary S.

(reader discretion advised: though it contains no real swear words, some content may not be suitable for children).

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